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by Andrew Streeter is not a band

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released March 1, 2011

All songs written by A.E. Streeter

Andrew Streeter - vocals, guitars, bass guitar, piano, synth, box cajon, additional percussion, sequencing, engineering and production

Recorded September 2010-February 2011 at The Yellow Room, High Point, North Carolina

PAY WHAT YOU WANT! Yes, that means freebies are more than welcome if you dig what you hear and happen to be strapped for cash. However, all proceeds exceeding $0 will be donated to the Autism Speaks organization.

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Andrew Streeter is not a band High Point, North Carolina

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Track Name: Lessons in Geography
I got your correspondence
And you just can't wait anymore
And Colorado's sixteen hundred miles away from your front door
Well thanks for the lesson in geography
Thank you for taking everything from me
I'm sorry that i couldn't be everything you need
I don't know what to say
Track Name: A Soundscape Familiar
Where have I seen this before?
Something about it seems so familiar…
So shouldn't I be used to this by now?
Guilt and regret are out the door;
I can't be sorry that you can't forgive me
Yeah, I should so be used to this by now

These things take time (Time will take it all away)
Time takes what's mine

Haven't I done this before?
How can the same things continue to haunt me?
And why am I never satisfied?
And its just too much to ignore
I'm no stranger to fear and frustration
Guess it's up to me now to decide
You know,

These things take time (Time will take it all away)
Time takes what's mine

So now you are becoming everything you used to loathe…
Good for you.
So now you are betraying everything you used to know…
Good for you.

And all this time, we're waiting (Waiting so long)
What did you expect to see? (It's too late to make things right)
I cannot change or control what you now choose to be
Track Name: Brighton (or, Texas With a Dollar Sign)
I won't lie to you
I never could
And believe me, if I could phase this out
Like it was something not to care about, then
You know I would…

And there must be a reason
Cause there's one for everything

But I know my guard is down
And I know it's cause of you
And it's not your fault, but I have to leave this town
Cause I don't know what to do…

They pay attention
Mind what you do…
Cause believe me, if you make one wrong move
Even if you've got nothing to prove, well
My friend, you're through

And the rumor mill is turning
Not much else can be done

And I know my guard is down
And I know it's cause of you
It's not your fault, but I have to leave this town
Cause I don't know what to do…

I know my guard is down
And now my cards are down
This is where it all falls down…
Track Name: Because Here, We're All Geologists
You still will be the death of me and
You still take all my breath from me
And I can't for the life of me
Get over you quite yet
And I'm willing to bet

That you still manage to think of me
And you still cherish your memories
But I know - yeah, it's occurred to me
That things can't be the same
So call it what you may

It's just a matter of time before this all comes to a head
Its gonna take me some time for me to not wish you were dead
And even with this time, I wish you'd somehow change your mind
And somehow I know I'm gonna regret what I said

And I know - Yeah, it's occurred to me

That sometimes things just don't work out - But even when I had my doubts
I was just so crazy self-assured
That you were her
Track Name: My Cheyenne Dream
Is it overkill to tell you that I'd die for you,
Although I've lied to you?
Is it way too much to ask if we could start again?
Would you let me in?

Cause I know I'm not worth the time of day
And I know I'm only standing in your way
But I know I've made you happy
And I know that I still could…

Has it been too long to remember all that we've been through,
Oh baby, me and you?
I can't just write a song to make for how I treated you…
Someday I'll get a clue…

But for now, I can't just let you walk away
And if you never even hear another single word I say,
Just know I've never been more happy
Than when I've looked into your eyes

The truth is only relative when you don't know who you are…
But I didn't have to be that guy for you
And so, suddenly, your love became my truth
You brought me back to life again
You were everything; you were my best friend

And I loved you
I love you still
Yeah, I love you
Probably always will

But I know you can't just sit and wait on me
It isn't fair little girl, for you to be held down; you should be free
I just want you to be happy
Each day I pray so hard that you are…
Cause no matter what

I love you
I love you so
Yeah, I love you
More than you could ever know
I love you
That's why I have to let you go